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Shopping for a certified, experienced, licensed, insured hair extension professional is a seriously personal quest. It's not like other beauty products, where you can find a perfectly good mascara at the drugstore for $12 rather than blow $45 on mascara at Sephora. If you're looking to get hair extensions, you're trying to achieve one thing; More hair, that looks natural. No matter if it's some thickness or length, your ultimate goal is to wear hair extensions that blend so well - no one will notice it's not your natural hair. Your hair extensions should be you., and you have to understand, when done correctly, it is a major investment.

Good quality hair extensions vs. cheap hair extensions.

Have you ever seen a girl around and her hair extensions look really obvious?

Usually it's because there's a huge disconnect between her hair and the extensions.

The extensions aren't blended, they look a little bit stringy, and the color could be a little bit off. This is because they probably weren't professionally matched, installed and blended by a certified professional technician, or the quality of the hair was not professional grade. I always think to myself:

If you're going to wear hair extensions that don't blend at all, what's the point of wearing extensions? Cheap hair extensions and taking shortcuts will just attract more bad attention to your hair.

So what is the difference between good quality and cheap hair extensions?

Benefits of good quality hair extensions:

Okay yes, let's address the elephant in the room. The main reason you're probably reading this is because you want to know if it'd be worth spending more money on good quality, luxury hair extension services.

Here's the deal:

Good quality hair extensions are made from real human hair. It's called Remy hair. While I can't speak on behalf of all extensions, I can tell you that our extension suppliers are 100% European Remy Hair. That means our extensions are: 

*Soft, long-lasting, and blend seamlessly with your own natural hair. 

*Can be treated like your own hair and styled with heat styling tools.

*I also make sure our extensions are comfortable - with the the most innovative technology in installation techniques and highest quality hair on the market. 

The thing is, hair extension services at Glam Locks use real human hair and are catered to your individual needs. High quality, luxurious hair:

*Takes more TLC to make. More labor.

*Has more people working to manufacture your hair, and more time spent doing so.

Also: I personally invested in making sure I acquired the proper training and proudly muti-certified in the most innovative, up to date, non damaging techniques, so you can invest in extensions that will look as natural as your own hair and last up to a full year with regular maintenance!

On the flip side:

Here's why cheap hair extensions be frank.

So you've seen extensions on Google or Amazon selling at a 'too-good-to-be-true' price?

The harsh reality is:

They really are too good to be true. If a no name brand is selling extensions extremely cheap - you can expect they were made with the cheapest synthetic materials, and produced very quickly. Meaning, it won't be long before the hair starts falling out, slipping, shedding, and the synthetic hair begins to get tangled and ratty. So yes, they might save you dollars initially, but if you have to replace them before every reinstall (every 8-12 weeks)- how much are you really saving? By not going to a specialist and investing in the highest quality hair, it's unlikely to achieve the luscious, natural looking hair you're after - that will be installed correctly and last for 12 months or longer.

The other downside of synthetic hair or cheaply marketed "Remy" hair, is that you can't curl them to blend if you have wavy or curly hair, and it will not straighten properly with a flat iron.

So let's be real:

Having luscious, thicker, longer celebrity style hair (or simply hair that makes you feel confident) and feeling like you can take on the world - is only half the fun of wearing extensions! Schedule a consultation today and have the hair you've dreamed about. The transformation takes only 2-3 hours depending on your individual needs!

The bottom line:

If you're looking to enhance your natural hair - you need high quality hair extensions, installed by a trained professional. While it may be more of an upfront investment, it's much more beneficial in the long term.

Hair Extensions



Strands (Micro-links)


Flat Wefts

Beaded Toppers

16" $900

10" $720

Double Density 10" $750

10" $200 per weft

10" Double Density

$250 per weft

High Density


18" $960

14" $900

14" Double Density $950

14" $250 per weft

14" Double Density

$350 per weft




20" $1080

20" Wavy 


18" $1080

Double Density 18" $1250

18" $350 per weft

18" Double Density

$450 per weft



22"  $1200


22" *Textured Curly $1680 *6pks

22" *Textured Curly $1400 *5pks

22" *Wavy $1680 *6pks

22" *Wavy

$1400 *5pks

24" $1380



*Removal: $150

22" $1440

Double Density 22" $1700



*Removal: $150

22" $450 per weft

22" Double Density

$650 per weft

*Maintenance: $150 per weft

*Removal: $75 per weft



  • The Tape-in and Beaded Strand (Micro-link) prices listed are based on a full head. 
  • The Beaded Flat Wefts are priced per weft, and Beaded Lace Toppers are priced per piece. 
  • Prices include the cost of the hair, installation, trimming/blending and straightening or curling. The average client would need 1-2 regular wefts for a full head depending on the individual needs (or combination with other methods). One double density weft is perfect for gorgeous fullness and volume. 
  • Maintenance for Tape-in, Micro-Links and Flat Wefts are typically done every 8-12 weeks. 
  • Maintenance for Beaded Toppers are every 4-6 weeks. 
  • Maintenance appointment will include removal, re-installation and any required blending, styling.
  • Tape-in hair lasts 6-10 months with proper care and Micro-links, Beaded Wefts and Lace Toppers last up to 12 months with proper care.
  • Please click on the contact button below with any questions!

Braiding  *Coming Soon*


French Braids

Dutch Braids

Box Braids 

Appointment Policies

Glam Locks is like no other specialty salon in the area. Our hours are by appointment only during the weekdays from 5pm-9pm (when the "typical" workday hours are done), and by limited appointment only services on the weekends. Scheduling this way gives everyone stress free, one on one, client focused appointments that aren't rushed while someone else is eagerly waiting. There is usually only one to two consultation appointments during weekdays, and for installation appointments, it is only one client reserved for that day. This also gives clients piece of mind during these uncertain times. The atmosphere is calm, relaxed and private, so no matter if it's a full head installation, or a lace topper install to help remedy thinning hair on the crown - your privacy, comfort, confidentiality and safety are the most important. The policies below are so very important, especially when all bookings are strictly one on one. This is a high end, high quality, luxury service - punctuality and reliability is an absolute must in order to achieve the best individualized attention. The policies are in place to ensure that only serious clients are booking the available spots. This is a specialty suite like none other and it's an entirely different experience vs a busy, crowded salon. Glam Locks takes pride in making sure every client reaches their hair extension goals.