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Micro-Beaded Strands 

Beaded Strands are an innovation among hair extension systems. These very small, soft individual hair strands are invisible while worn and soft to the touch. This groundbreaking technology is gentle to the natural hair without compromising on performance. You will love your longer hair with Onstage Hair Extensions.

What makes Beaded Strands™ so unique?

On Stage Beaded Strands Hair Extensions are fixed in place with the help of Micro Links. Our unique Micro Links are small aluminum alloy rings with rounded edges. This makes it impossible for the Micro Links to cut or damage the natural hair unlike other “ring systems,” such as traditional, outdated I-tip methods. The inner diameter is only 1.5mm (0.059 inch!). The unique and yet simple application technique of On Stage Hair Extensions—in combination with the soft hair strand attachment—makes our extensions a breeze at installation,  and extremely comfortable to wear. 

On Stage Hair Extensions come with:

2 Densities: Single Plus and Double

4 Hair Lengths: 10” / 14” / 18” / 22”

1 Hair Texture: Natural Body

54 colors