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Beaded Lace Toppers

Our Beaded Topper is a noninvasive hair integration system that offers instant volume and density at the crown area where extensions cannot be placed. It is ideal for clients with fine or thinning hair challenges on top of the head. Our Beaded Topper service is exclusively available at Glam Locks and not offered anywhere else in the Northern New Jersey area! This incredible topper not only allows you to enjoy a complete, undetectable, comfortable solution for this area (where so many clients are suffering), but also can be seamlessly combined with Beaded Strands or Wefts to give you the hair of your dreams.

The Beaded Topper is a wonderful investment in your self esteem and confidence. No more sprays or constantly worrying about your appearance. Now you can be confident and worry free! The topper can be securely and comfortably worn for a year with proper maintenance every 4-6 weeks. The incredible beaded method of installation is comfortable and natural 100% human hair, which means you can wash, dry and style it just like your own natural hair! Beaded Toppers come with a natural part in the middle, left or right side, installed exactly how you'd normally style your natural hair. You will have to experience this incredible design and technology to believe it! What to change your life? Contact Glam Locks today for your consultation. 

Features at a glance

Threads with your natural hair to completely conceal the beads.

Unique injection molded stretchable silicone base.

Self molding to the shape of the head for a perfect fit.

Can withstand chemical treatments, e.g. coloring.

The silicone base has built in reinforced fixing points.

Reusable, wear for up to a year.

Effortless Maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

100% hand tied.

100% human hair.

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