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Beaded Flat Wefts

What is a beaded flat weft?

Beaded Flat Weft Hair Extensions open a whole new era in the human hair weft and weave market. The unique integration of threading pockets in combination with the small beads makes this weft-based hair extension system the absolute pinnacle of perfection in its segment. The Beaded Flat Wefts are strong and tough yet soft and flexible, fast to apply and to remove while being reusable too.

Cut to any width without shedding!

Beaded Flat Weft Hair Extensions allow you to create a perfect customized fit for everybody. No more “one size fits all” or bulky double folded returns. You can cut according to the prefixed cutting marks or cut your own customized width for a perfect fit every time. This is also PERFECT for tape-in client's transitioning to this new method. The wefts can be customized and cut into smaller wefts mirroring the size and shape of the classic tape method, only much more comfortable, and much less time consuming at install, maintenance and reinstall. There is absolutely no glue, no sticky tape, no avoiding certain products that could break down the adhesive! The weft doesn’t fall apart or lose hair after you have cut it to size. 

No damage, no glue, no tape, no heat, no braiding, no solvents, no string!

Just luxurious, beautiful stunning hair at a fraction of the maintenance of other methods on the market today! None of the aforementioned materials and techniques are used to attach the Beaded Flat Weft to the natural hair. Our technique is clean, straight forward and customizable for a perfect fit every time with only the Small Beads provided with each Beaded Flat Weft.

Small micro beads are a game changer!

Our alloy Beads have rounded edges and don’t damage the natural hair.

The flexible base of the Beaded Flat Weft follows the curvature of the scalp perfectly. No more “one size fits all,” because they're fully customized pieces for a perfect fit. The unique way of attaching our Beaded Flat Weft Hair Extensions makes them fast and easy to install and remove. No need to make a braid and sew the hair onto it–causing pain and headaches, or making it uncomfortable to sleep! A small section of hair is threaded through the loop and bead, and crimped with the Transformer tool. Installation is painless, comfortable and feels incredible. The wefted surface has received a concealed treatment that eliminates the reflection of light so the attachment area doesn’t shine and stand out from the natural hair. Its undetectable. 

How long does the Beaded Flat Weft Last?

Beaded Flat Weft Hair Extensions can be used again and again for up to a YEAR! After 4-6 weeks, the weft is removed, loaded with new beads and reinserted into the Beaded Flat Weft pockets. Then reinstalled once again for another 4 to 6 weeks! The maintenance and care is almost effortless and no more lengthy, sometimes uncomfortable lengthy appointments removing glue, braids, adhesives and residue that can damage and put stress on your natural hair. Our Beaded Flat Weft Hair Extensions have no short return hair or “beard” like traditional wefts either, making them seamlessly blend into your own! Are you ready to experience the most luxurious hair extension method available today?